Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BRIEF NOTE] On Argentine Antarctica

This map, originally from here, is a map of "Argentina showing all the territories recognized by that country's government as their own," including the Falklands and the various territories in Antarctica. As Wikipedia has it, Argentine Antarctica comprises a territory of nearly a million square kilometres, including the relatively hospitable Antarctica Peninsula and a triangle extending to the South Pole, this area in turn being one of the departments of Argentina's Tierra del Fuego Province.

Argentina's claims to this vast territory, based on its geographical proximity to the South American continent, have made it a rival of Chile and the United Kingdom, nearly fighting a war with Chile in the Tierra del Fuego region on the South American mainland in 1977 and actually fighting a war with the United Kingdom in 1982.

In many ways, Argentina has been heavily committed to the idea of the colonization of the Antarctic continent. From the early 20th century on, accepted Argentine opinion has seen the country as a tri-continental country, including South American, Antarctic, and South Atlantic islands territories. Canada has a similar conception of itself as an Arctic nation, and has lately become concerned with exerttng its active control over the region via "Arctic sovereignty" missions. Unlike Canada, however, Argentina's claims have been actively contested by its South Atlantic neighbours, not by Chile now with the 1980s reconciliation between the two countries but still with the United Kingdom concerning maritime boundaries with the Falkland Islands.
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