Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[META] On having a cell phone

I'm now cellularized, courtesy of WIND Mobile, the rather attractive Canadian branch of Egyptian telecommunications multinational Orascom. (E-mail me if you want my number.) My Huawei U1250 is simple but capable, rather more aesthetically attractive and multifunctional than the somewhat bulkier flip-open phone I'd acquired for Telus a while back.

Owning a cell phone, you see, is new for me. That Telus account I mentioned expired in February 2007 , and in the four and a half years since I'd been happy to do without. I was happy, at least. Others were not. One friend, as I recall, mock-threatened in frustration to come burn my apartment down, other tenants and cats included. Others--and he on all other occasions, to be fair to him--have been more moderate.

Why did it take so long for me to get something so useful? Modern cell phones do have capabilities that I can use for blogging. I will be able to SMS to Flickr! and to Twitter! and to WordPress! and to LiveJournal, evenl! I have a two-megapixel cell phone camera that can also record sound and video. What I'll be able to send you! (Oh, you poor, poor bastards.)

The simplest answer is that I'm afraid of telephones. Text is much more tractable, better regulated; voice, much less controllable, more expressive. Monologues can feel safer, sometimes. Isn't it a good idea to be more into dialogues, dialogics even?
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