Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

  • Daniel Drezner outlines what's known to have happened and what's likely to have happened with Bo Xilai. Brief version? Bo Xilai's Maoism nearly disrupted the decade's-end transition in power in China.

  • The Global Sociology Blog answers the question of where sociologists' commentary on the global economic crisis is by pointing out that a lot of the groundwork on economic inequity has already been done. That, and institutional biases militating against in-depth examination in the context of tenure exists.

  • This Lawyers, Guns and Money post arguing that there's no radical Latin American left because Chavez et al aren't engaged in complete revolutionary transformations of their societies is silly.

  • Naked Anthropologist Laura Agustín defines the different segments of the sex industry in Spain.

  • Patrick Cain maps the location of marijuana grow-ops in Toronto.

  • At The Power and the Money, Douglas Muir makes the depressing case that Assad is likely to stay in power in Syria for the next while.

  • Steve Munro considers the question of what is to be down with the eastern waterfront of Toronto.

  • Understanding Society's Daniel Little categorizes the different ways in which historians have analyzed the history of China.

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