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[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto mayor cannot seek office until 2014: city solicitor"

CTV Toronto has more</i> about the legal mechanics involved with Ford's removal. One major question remaining to be definitely answered is whether or not Ford could run for mayor again in a by-election. (Ford says yes, the city solicitor says no.)

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s application to postpone a decision ordering him out of office will be heard in court next week, his lawyer has confirmed.

In an email to CP24, lawyer Alan Lenczner wrote that Ford’s request for a “stay of removal” order will be heard on Dec. 5.

The news comes a day after Ontario Superior Court Judge Charles Hackland ordered Ford to vacate office in 13 days.

After Judge Hackland’s ruling came down, it became apparent that Ford’s legal saga would not end there. The mayor promptly indicated that he would appeal and seek a stay-of-removal order, which could allow him to hold onto his job while his request is considered by the courts.

In the meantime, Toronto’s top lawyer has shut down Mayor Rob Ford’s plans to run in a potential byelection, determining he cannot seek office again until the next general election.

Speaking to council on Tuesday, City solicitor Anna Kinastowski said she believes that a judge’s ruling ousting Ford for the “current term” bars him from council until the year 2014, when the next scheduled municipal election will take place.

“That is our interpretation of that particular fact,” she said.

Kinastowski’s analysis runs contrary to claims Mayor Ford made on Monday, as he vowed to fight “tooth and nail” against a court order removing him from office in 13 days.
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