Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BLOG] Some Friday links

  • Daniel Drezner notes that Chinese sabre-rattling over maritime borders is starting to encourage other East Asian countries--ASEAN member-states and Japan to start--to form a coalition to counterbalance China.

  • Eastern Approaches reports on the baffling and horrible decision of a Jobbik MP to call for a list of Jews. What does this say about Hungarian politics?

  • At Far Outliers, Joel posts an excerpt from J.H. Elliott's Imperial Spain: 1469-1716 which makes the point that, as New World populations crashed over the 16th century while New World industries prospered, Spain's initial economic advantage from its captive market disappeared.

  • Still writing at False Steps, Paul Drye describes a recently aborted proposed mission to a Near Earth Asteroid.

  • Lawyers, Guns and Money's Erik Loomis takes issue with an essay arguing that the Latin American left has a conflicted relationship with indigenous peoples.

  • The Map Room's Jonathan Crowe is disappointed by the maps of the new Game of Thrones atlas collection.

  • Joshua Foust at Registan takes issue with a confident Kazakhstani national identity that's compromised by extensive censorship.

  • Torontoist covers the reaction of the Don Bosco Eagles, the high school football team coached by Rob Ford, to their loss at the Metro Bowl.

  • At The Volokh Conspiracy, Eugene Kontorovich asks how Israeli settlement in the West Bank managed to become uniquely controversial, given the existence of other comparable situations elsewhere in the world.

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