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[URBAN NOTE] "Digital Fortresses: A cheat sheet to Toronto papers’ online paywalls"

Toronto Life recently featured a guide to Toronto's online newspapers, the status of their digital paywalls, and--quietly--ways to get around it.

The Toronto Sun, home of Sue-Ann Levy, sexy bikini shots and amusing slip-ups, is the latest Toronto daily to try to mitigate waning print advertising revenue by charging for online content. The paper will erect a digital paywall next week, according to the Globe and Mail, which itself already has digital subscriptions in place. Meanwhile, the Toronto Star and National Post have both announced plans to institute walls in the New Year. Below, we break down all four papers’ plans to help you pick which to shell out for.

For instance:

Globe and Mail
Print versus online: A print subscription costs $35.88 per month, entitling you to unlimited access to all online content. An digital subscription (which the paper is calling ”Globe Unlimited”) on its own will set you back $19.99 per month.
Start date: The digital fence has been up and running since late October.
How it works: Non-subscribers get access to 10 free articles a month, after which the paywall kicks in (though stories accessed through links on social media sites don’t count against your total, and avid readers have already figured out a way to trick the counter).
Subscribe if: You’ve got cash to spare, want full access to Canada’s newspaper of record and don’t mind reading a tarnished Margaret Wente.
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