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[URBAN NOTE] "Should the Pride parade move off Yonge to Jarvis?"

The article by Xtra!'s Andrea Houston reporting on the apparent interest of some in Pride Toronto in moving the annual parade off of Yonge Street--Toronto's most prominent north-south avenue--onto Jarvis Street a couple of blocks to the east surprises me. Yes, there might be more space, but Jarvis is substantially more removed from the city--the street is most noteworthy for controversial and eventually removed bike lanes than anything else.

Pride Toronto (PT) is considering taking its annual parade down Jarvis Street instead of Yonge Street next year, says executive director Kevin Beaulieu.

Beaulieu says the idea has been suggested in the past and now the board is giving it serious consideration.

“It’s possible,” he says. “It would mean a number of changes to the length of the route. There are some pros and some cons. It’s a more open and wide street. It’s less busy, less commercial . . . Some people like the idea.”

It would be a significant change, Beaulieu says, and consultation with the community would need to happen before any change takes effect. “We would do that early to explain to the community why and give people a chance to express their support or objections.”

The main benefit in moving to Jarvis would be the increase in street size, he says.

“Jarvis is a more open street. It’s less confined. Pride has grown quite big. It’s very large and it takes quite a long time to walk down Yonge Street,” he says. “It would just open things up a little bit more and make it less of a compressed atmosphere.”
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