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[PHOTO] "Ingrid Cryns, 'A Doorway', 115 The Esplanade"

This poem was by the door of OWN Housing Co-Op, a housing cooperative aimed at older women founded by the Older Women’s Network Ontario located at 115 The Esplanade. The poet, Ingrid Cryns is an architect and artist who, in addition to the poem, sculpted great winged handles for the door.

Ingrid Cryns, "A Doorway", 115 The Esplanade

A doorway, A portal
What are the possibilities?
The symbolic structure of our soul
Merging, integrating with
Our spirit in flight
The freedom of our choices
To leave, To end
To enter, To begin

- Ingrid Cryns
July 1997
Tags: architecture, condos, photos, popular literature, toronto
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