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[URBAN NOTE] "Audit: Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti’s campaign overspent legal limit by 44%"

Toronto city councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, who has gone on the record as wanting to create a red-light district on the Toronto Islands, trying to defund Pride Toronto for allowing the presence of even the individual members of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (not the group itself), warning of an extensive Communist presence on Toronto City Council, favouring the creation of casinos in the city of Toronto so as to give single mothers employment (and childcare opportunities?), and supporting the transfer of the few city-run daycares over to the province, in addition to being until recently one of mayor Rob Ford's few strong allies on city council, may be in serious trouble.

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti’s 2010 campaign exceeded the legal spending limit by 44 per cent in apparent violation of provincial election law, says a city-commissioned audit.

The 43-page probe released Friday found “additional apparent contraventions in relation to contributions, campaign expenses, and financial reporting,” by the campaign of the veteran Ward 7, York West, councillor.

At its Feb. 4 meeting, the compliance audit committee of three experts can choose to do nothing or refer the audit to a prosecutor for possible legal action. If a court found that the $12,065 in overspending, or other actions, breached the act, Mammoliti could face ejection from office.

Neither Mammoliti, who has previously said he believes his campaign followed all the rules, nor his lawyer, Jack Siegel, returned calls for comment.

An audit by the same firm into Mayor Rob Ford’s 2010 campaign financing will be released later this month, the auditor has said.

[. . .]

DePoe said he was first tipped by an anonymous caller — a “weird guy” who said he was a lawyer. DePoe went to city hall and spent three days looking through Mammoliti’s filing before deciding to make a complaint.

“It appears to be a pretty serious breach,” he said of the audit findings. “I believe elections need to be fair and everyone has to follow the rules.”

The question of what will happen to Mammoliti's political career remains open. For that matter, the question (here mentioned in passing) of what an audit of Ford's successful mayoral campaign is yet another potential career-ender for the current mayor.
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