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[LINK] "Canada seeks evidence on hostage-taker, summons Algeria envoy"

David Ljunggren's Reuters article notes the contretemps brewing between Algeria and Canada as the latter demands evidence for the claim that Canadian citizens were involved in the hostage-taking.

The article makes the point that the Canadian citizens involved were speaking English. This is a bit surprising since the assumption was that the Canadian citizens involved were of Algerian origin, most Canadians of Algerian background living in Québec on account of the French language shared. If true, are these citizens English-speaking Algerians? Or might they be of non-Algerian background altogether?

Canada wants to see Algeria's evidence for saying that last week's attack and hostage-taking at a desert gas plant was coordinated by a Canadian militant, a government official said on Tuesday.

Canadian foreign ministry officials summoned Algeria's ambassador late on Monday to make the request directly.

Around 80 people died when Algerian troops attacked the plant and ended the hostage-taking on Sunday. Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal said on Monday that a Canadian gunman, identified only as "Chedad", had coordinated the four-day siege.

"Here in Ottawa and in Algiers, Canadian diplomats are requesting access to the information the Algerians are using to identify any hostage taker as 'Canadian'," the government official said in an email sent to Reuters.

"Canada summoned the Algerian ambassador to Canada to make that point directly," he added.
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