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[URBAN NOTE] On the unexpected survival of Rob Ford

Torontoist's roundup of reactions on Friday, the day it turned out that judges thought that Toronto's city council did not have the right to impose particular penalties on Ford like dismissal, is the best roundup I can think of. The full text of the appeal decision is at CBC.

The best reaction to this news--and also the funniest--was put together by the National Post's Steve Murray in his minute-by-minute account of affairs at City Hall Friday morning, "Mayor Rob Ford fails to learn anything from his legal battle".

11:53 Ford arrives at the podium and doles out thanks. Cites people at every restaurant and every gas station for their support.

11:54 Says he’s going to keep working (as mayor) for six years. You can hear everyone in the media whisper “Yes!”

11:55 This is the saddest victory speech I’ve ever heard. He’s delivering the same Ford platitudes we’ve come to love, but he’s delivering it like it’s a eulogy for a cousin he used to hang out with a lot as a kid.

11:59 What Ford’s learned from all of this is that a lot of people support him, showing he’s learned nothing.

12:08 After his statement and only a handful of questions, Ford leaves and it’s all over. Reporters track down random councillors for their thoughts, especially on the fact that Ford didn’t really acknowledge learning anything from all of this. The councillors are reluctant to put words in his mouth, but seem to agree that he must have learned something. He simply must have.

12:11 The feeling in the room is that Ford’s like a dog who gets smacked in the nose for peeing on the rug and thinks “NOSE PETS MEANS ME DO GOOD.” And the “Days Without Threat Of An Ousted Mayor” board gets reset to zero.
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