Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[PHOTO] Bathurst and Lake Shore, looking north (2)

Lake Shore Boulevard is arguably the southernmost of Toronto's major streets, girdling the coastline of the western two-thirds of Toronto's waterfront. The intersection with Bathurst Street, meanwhile, is arguably the southernmost major intersection of that north-south street, located squarely in the middle of a rapidly growing condo district.

Douglas Coupland's Monument to the War of 1812, a controversial public sculpture I blogged about and photographed close-up, is visible to the left of the photo, past the TTC bus.

Compare this photo taken in September 2012, four months later. Construction has progressed since this photo was taken in May.

Bathurst and Lake Shore, looking north (2)
Tags: bathurst street, condos, gardiner expressway, lake shore boulevard, photos, toronto
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