Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[NON BLOG] My new Huawei U6150

As an addendum to my previous post hoping that Blackberry (formerly Research in Motion) can pull out of its ongoing death spiral, I thought--for honesty's sake, you see--I should share the last picture I took with my Huawei U1250.

What is it?

The new Huawei U6150

My new Huawei U6150.

Acquired in August 2011, my old phone and my WIND Mobile provider did a good job serving my needs. When it no longer accepted voice calls, staying with my provider was a given. Staying with the Huawei line also made sense, given my generally positive experience of my phone. A QWERTY keyboard sold this model.

One era has ended; a new one has begun.
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