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Randy McDonald

[URBAN NOTE] "47 years of the Bloor - Danforth subway"

Reading my RSS feed this morning, I found out from the Toronto Transit blog's Robert Mackenzie, who found out in turn from the Toronto Railway Historical Association, that yesterday and today are very special anniversaries for the west-east Bloor-Danforth subway line.

47 years ago today, February 25, 1966, the TTC officially opened the crosstown Bloor - Danforth subway. Regular service started 47 years ago tomorrow, February 26, 1966.

The new line, which then only stretched between Woodbine and Keele Stations, effectively doubled the city’s rapid transit system and seemed to herald the end (at least temporarily) of Toronto as a streetcar city.

After the line opened, the TTC abandoned regular streetcar service along many central Toronto streets[. . . ] Streetcars continued to operate along small sections of Danforth Avenue — between the end of the subway at Woodbine and Luttrel Avenue, near Dawes Road — and Bloor Street West — between the end of the subway at Keele and Jane Street — but not for long. By May 1968, the TTC had further extended the line eastward to Warden and westward to Islington. The subway finally reached Kipling and Kennedy in 1980.</blockquote>
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