Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[LINK] "Some senators silent over questions of spending, residency"

CBC's investigation into the Senate doesn't look good.

Twenty-five senators have either refused to show proof to CBC News that they live where they claim to or haven't responded to questions, as a senate probe into their residency and allowances goes on.

CBC's James Cudmore asked each one of 104 sitting senators to answer:

Where they live.
Where they hold a driver's licence and health card.
Where they pay taxes.
Where they vote.

So far, 96 senators have responded to the CBC's queries.

There are 104 senators right now.

Most — 96 — responded to questions from CBC News: 58 of 64 Conservatives, 34 of 36 Liberals, and four independent senators.

Of the 96 who answered, 17 refused outright to provide proof of their responses. All but one were Conservative, and all but one of the Conservative refusals were from senators appointed by Harper. Eight senators have yet to respond: six Conservatives and two Liberals.

Once contacted, 17 senators simply refused to provide the information requested. Sixteen of those senators were Conservative, and 15 were appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
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