Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BRIEF NOTE] On the Sad Events in West Virginia

The tragedy at Sago keeps getting worse, not least with the cruel inversion of the casualty figures that erins_pub was caught by, like me and who knows how many other people. gamoonbat's examination of the background of the Sago mine and its owner, the International Coal Company, reinforces my opinion that coal isn't the sort of energy resource we should build an energy-intensive society on, for economic and for human reasons. It also revives my memories of the apparently comparable Westray Mine Disaster in Nova Scotia back in 1992. My sympathies go out to the miners.

On a related note, springheel_jack has discovered that Samuel Alito, nominee for the US Supreme Court, wanted to limit the scope of the US' Mine and Safety Act. As he notes, Alito's proposed changes wouldn't have saved the lives of the Sago miners.
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