Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[NON BLOG] My age is palpable

Again at the Toronto Reference Library today, after CFTAG to check out Break, Blow, Burn and to catch up on blogging, I took a look at my hair in the mirror. I took a second look, to make syure that I'd seen what I thought I'd seen, that is to say, that the reflections of light that I'd noticed with a corner of my mind weren't stray glances of light or perhaps globs of hair gel. No, they weren't increasingly numerous strands of white hair scattered light but broadly on my head, the translucent keratin catching the right.

I'm only turning 26 on the 14th. I'm not that old. And yet, something's making my hair think that it's time to turn. Yes, I know it's better (from my perspective, at least) than losing it, but even so.
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