Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BRIEF NOTE] Islam's not the problem; public religion, now ...

I find myself frustrated by the flaw in neoconjames' logic occasioned by his referencing of Spengler's latest Asia Times article, this one on the alleged implausibility of an Islamic Reformation. The fault isn't his alone, mind, since the whole lazy rhetoric about Islam's need for a Protestant Reformation ignores completely the intensification of religious violence that followed the Reformation, culminating in the deaths of a third of the central European population. Do we really want to depopulate the Middle East?

A thought: The Middle East's problem isn't Islam, not nearly so much as it is the region's lack of democratically-responsible secular states, those marvellous entities pioneered by modern France which kept preventing relgiious conservatives, traditionalists, and neo-traditionalists from dominating the public sphere in such a way as to deny individuals free choice. It isn't the Middle East's particular Abrahamic religion, in other words, so much as it is the totalitarian tendencies of religions ensconced in positions of power. Forget about messing with the theology and just set about to preventing that theology's dominance.

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