Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[B5] The first four episodes of the year ...

... and what episodes! "The Summoning", "Falling Toward Apotheosis", "The Long Night", and "Into the Fire" make a good four-episode spree for anyone.

Watching the conclusion of the vast ancient war between the Shadows, simultaneously with the liberation of Narn and Londo's rise to a position of preeminence in Centauri politics, is grand fun. The personalities and ideologies of the characters and the major powers--except, critically, the Earth Alliance--are allowed to come to play fully, whether it's Sheridan exploiting his new messiah status, Ivanova's desperate scramble for some kind of trust, the Vorlons' recalcitrant genocidal spree, Londo's impassioned patriotism, and Lorien's reaching his wayward children.

"Into the Fire" is the best episode of a great collection, of course, with its grand battle at Coriana 6 and Londo's completion of the salvation of his world from the Vorlon planetkiller. That scene in the royal palace between Mr. Morden and London likely ranks as my single favourite scene in all Babylon 5, simply because Mr. Morden is so terribly out of his depth in dealing with a Londo who not only wants to save his world from complete destruction but who is decidedly pissed about the murder of his lovely Adira. "Today, today is a very different day" has now replaced "Actually, now that you mention it ..." as my favourite Londo line. Oh, and the conclusion of the Shadow-Vorlon war was nice. Who knew that races billions of years old had the psychologies of toddlers desperate for attention and power?

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