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[URBAN NOTE] Bloor/Lansdowne to Queen/Dufferin

One thing that Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way recommends I do is to take a walk at random. With such a goal in mind, I got out at the Lansdown TTC station on Bloor, one stop west of my usual Dufferin disembarkment point, and headed south. I'd noticed that in Toronto, the streets that run perpendicular to Lake Ontario on a north-south line are mainly residential, while the streets that run parallel to Lake Ontario from west to east tend to be commercial. This pattern repeated itself on my Lansdowne transection.

Past West Toronto Collegiate I entered the neighbourhood of Parkdale. I realized that I was in a new riding when I saw the 2006 election signs, not of my riding's Mario Silva and Gord Perks, but rather of Parkdale-High Park's Liberal incumbent Sarmite Bulte and NDP candidate Peggy Nash.

I boarded a southbound bus at College, and took it south to Queen Street West. I haven't been in Parkdale for a while, and I undertook a leisurely walk east interrupted by my collision with the Parkdale branch of the Toronto public library system. It was open, late, and I indulged myself by borrowing some books from the branch's sizable Caribbean and Black History section.

I need to get out and about more. Too often I enter into ruts; too frequently I escape them.
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