Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BRIEF NOTE] Joe Buff and Fiction's Reverse Mimesis

Right now, there's an American fiction writer named Joe Buff who is writing an increasingly surreal set of books describing a submarine war fought with tactical nuclear weapons between, on one hand, the United States, and on the other hand a resurgent Hohenzollern German Empire that is allied with a South Africa once again under apartheid, after having conquered the weak and decadent French and inflicted massive suffering on Poland.

It goes without saying that this is a ridiculous future history. nwhyte, among others, can confirm that my knowledge of the German language is sadly lacking, but I think I know enough about modern Germany (and modern South Africa, and modern France, and ...) to say that this is an insanely ridiculous scenario. Germans are not militaristic and expansionistic. I suppose that Buff has to do this in order to have a reasonably advanced and powerful candidate for another Cold War with the United States, this demonstrating just how silly the idea of a second Cold War is.

I'm reminded of something that autopope wrote a while ago, about how certain Americans have a vested interest on developing a wholly antagonistic Europe in counterpoise to the United States, the better to justify their specific goals for world hegemony. I wonder--and I think I'm justifying in wondering--if Buff belongs to this coterie.
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