Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BRIEF NOTE] Everyone needs an angel, but this sort?

The Guardian Angels have set up shop in Toronto, and some people--as evidenced by this thread at toronto--support this.

Apparently, the best way to control violence in Toronto is top deploy vigilante teams and paramilitary units to the city's hotspots. How could we have been so blind?

UPDATE (10:43 AM) : From the National Post, this startling statement from Curtis Sliwa, founder and head of the group.

Mr. Sliwa said his group can play a significant role in gang intervention in Toronto.

"We have often been described as a good gang because we have many of the same attractive elements," he said.

"It becomes like a surrogate family; there's an esprit de corps; there's an internal discipline. Except with us, it's all about teaching people about being peacemakers and protectors. With gangs, they're preparing themselves to be predators and enemies of society."

The youths might consider joining the Guardian Angels instead, he said.

Well now, this is brilliant.
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