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[BRIEF NOTE] Brangelina in Haiti

International press coverage of Brangelina has reached the UN level.

Please reset your "Brangelina" baby tracking satellite system to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The unborn child of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrived in the combustible Caribbean capital Friday accompanied by his or her famous parents to be. It was the budding baby's first media opportunity since Jolie's pregnancy was confirmed Wednesday. Likewise, it was Pitt and Jolie's first public outing since the news broke.

Mother did all the talking.

And owing to Jolie's role as a United Nations goodwill ambassador, all she talked about was the nation that the U.S. government has warned Americans to avoid because of threats of kidnapping, looting and roving militias.

"You hear so much just about the danger and the fear and then you come here and you meet just an amazing people," Jolie said. "Given just a little chance, and given a little help, this is going to be a great country."

[. . .]

As Pitt was preparing to accompany Jolie on her latest international trip, reporters in New York City asked U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Thursday if the
Fight Club star was goodwill ambassador material.

"I will consider it, and I will let him know you recommended him," Annan said, per Reuters.

Kofi Annan has come close to offering an opinion on Brangelina. At this point, the seemingly po-faced seriousness with which their relationship has been treated by the press has to be recognized as the unparalleled comedic experience that it is. I've no right to complain about this, not when I've already noted the affair myself. Nothing to do, now, but let the play continue.
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