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[BRIEF NOTE] The Problem with Science Fiction?

nihilistic_kid quotes a rather horrifying passage from John Ringo's recent novel Ghost. A sample:

"Yep, sure am," Mike said, standing up and holding the keys. "I was in Class 201, you weak-kneed pussies! But if you want to get out of this fucking place alive, and not end up back where you are right now, you'd all better get really damned frosty, really damned quick. Quit fucking crying, quit bitching, quit quitting on me and get GOD DAMNED FROSTY. Because right now it's just me. And I'm not going to be able to hold this damned place by myself. I'm going to need help. Even nekkid female help will do. And I'm not going to use these damned keys until I get a big 'HOOWAH' out of y'all. Because if I can't get a big hoowah, then you're totally fucking useless to me, and I'll just god damned leave you to be raped. Am I CLEAR HERE? Now let me here you give me a big HOOYAH!"

Mike, if I'm not mistaken, is addressing victims of multiple gang rapes who are the daughters of powerful Americans kidnapped from their homes by anti-American terrorists. We also find out in Ghost that all women are lesbians; also, that it's entirely appropriate for a stressed-out and angry American special-ops agent to go, rent a prostitute, and violently rape her for an hour. Destressing, you understand, and she does get to like it.

I wonder if this is why science fiction's market share is declining. I also wonder if Ringo's fans have ever gone on dates.

UPDATE (2:59 PM) : Yes, this sort of thing isn't unique to science fiction. It's an interesting thing for one of a genre's biggest publishing houses to publish under the name of one of its biggest writers. Why would it publish this ridiculous stuff if not because it thought it would sell?
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