Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BRIEF NOTE] Sloppy phrasing, but my point remains

Regarding last night's post, all that I can say is that trying to squeeze in a moderately insightful post just before a glorious stretch of fourth-season Babylon 5 episodes doesn't work, at least not with a bit more pre-blogging plotting.

Of course I don't think that Harper is Canada's answer to Videla. The only people likely to be killed in the event of a Conservative majority government are going to be Afghanistanis and maybe even Iraqis, on the off chance that Prime Minister Harper dispatches the Canadian forces to those two countries.

I do think it worrying that I am willing to imagine a Conservative government in Canada as being ultimately being good for leftist and centrist supporters, after some time (months? years?) in the political wilderness. I recognize the myth of the heroic epic in here--the defeat caused by pride, the sojourn in the wild, the eventual triumphant return. I wonder whether it's a good sort of myth to have in a democratic polity.
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