Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BRIEF NOTE] Red/blue in Canada?

While reading Wikipedia's article on the federal election just finished, my attention was caught by the map of election results in southern Ontario, Québec and Toronto. it does look like there is a red/blue split of the sort made famous in the United States, with southern Ontario's Liberal and NDP seats coming overwhelmingly from urban areas, and Québec's Liberals predominating on the island of Montréal and its Conservatives in the area of Québec City in a sea of Bloc Québécois MPs. Looking at map of the 2006 Canadian federal election results doesn't necessarily discourage this initial assumption, given the strength of the Conservatives almost everywhere in western Canada save in certain non-Albertan metropolises like Vancouver. It's only when you look at the legend of the second map, and realize that many of thse ridings passed to whichever party acquired them only on the basis of relatively majorities of the vote, that a stirring prose invocation of deepening ideological rifts defined by geography within the Canadian federation starts to sound misplaced.
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