Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BRIEF NOTE] What's the point of Pride? Part 2

Following links throughout the blogosphere last night, I came upon Joe My God's reposted essay "Watching The Defectives". A spirited defense of Pride Parades in their full outrageousness, the author makes the point that, in their uncensored forms, they're a necessary rite for a traumatized community still in the process of recovery.

Joe makes some good points--I agree with him, honestly, that homophobes can easily be more terrified of seemingly conventional non-straights ("They're everywhere!") than of people they can pick out on sight. That said, there may well be a generation gap or a lack of shared experience between him and me; I still feel, as I wrote last year, that the main function of Pride is to function as a carnival. There were a lot of straight couples this year.
Tags: glbt issues, pride
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