Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[LINK] Some Friday links

  • Boing Boing reports about the existence of the amazing Temples of Humankind, carved by a New Age cult in northern Italy (the Damanhur Federation) deep underground, with kilometres of tunnels and vast chambers.

  • Crooked Timber's Eszter Hargittai reports on a recent study she made concerning the socioeconomic differences between users of facebook and MySpace. She suggests that founder's effect might be involved here, with Facebook starting off with a limited Ivy League clientele and MySpace being open to everyone from the start.

  • Daniel Drezner's links to an amusing group scenario speculating how the United States and the world would recover from an Independence Day-style attack.

  • Will Baird reports that South Korea is planning moon probes, launched on indigeneously-designed rockets, for the 2020s.

  • Edward Lucas argues that Greece should end its long names feud with Macedonia, if only because Greece needs a stable northern border.

  • Ian Irving provides a slew of links to the upcoming movie Breakfast with Scot.

  • Joel at Far Outliers has two interesting posts up, one on patterns of European immigration in 19th century Louisiana and Asian immigration across the South, the other on the amount of stagnation imposed by the UN protectorate on a Kosovo that, absent statehood, can't function.

  • Douglas Muir at A Fistful of Euros examines the likely consequences if Kosovo declares an independence that comes to be recognized by the United States and most European Union countries, but not Serbia or Serbia's patron of Russia. He concludes that it's most likely to end up as "a sort of Balkan Taiwan, recognized by some states but not by others," contingent upon the desire of Serbia's leadership to remain credible actors integrated with the wider world.

  • Marginal Revolution's Tyler Cowen reports that the last two people who speak Ayapan Zoque, a Mexican indigenous language, aren't talking to each other, with obvious consequences for the survival of the tongue for any length of time.

  • Strange Maps links to Matthew White's alternate history scenario and map, Balkanized North America-. Dakota, Métis Nation, Louisiana, California, Deseret--they're all there.

  • Finally, Tin Man's Jeff wonders how The Daily Show will fare after Bush leaves the presidency. Will the show be able to adapt to its new environment?

Tags: alternate history, facebook, former yugoslavia, languages, links, migration, oddities, popular culture
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