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[BRIEF NOTE] The Map of Death

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As reported here, some Pakistanis are afraid that the United States might be on the verge of partitioning their country, giving the Northwest Frontier Province and its Pushtun population to Afghanistan and establishing an independent Baluchistan.

A redrawn map of South Asia showing a truncated Pakistan, reduced to an elongated sliver of land, has sparked fear among military planners in Islamabad who think India and Afghanistan are "colluding" to destroy the only nuclear powered-Muslim nation with the US help, a media report said on Sunday.

The map, first circulated as a theoretical exercise in some American neoconservative circles, has fueled a belief among Pakistanis that what the United States really wants is the breakup of their country, the New York Times reported.

That notion, it says, may strike Americans as strange coming from an ally of 50 years but as the incoming Barack Obama administration tries to coax greater cooperation from Pakistan in the fight against militancy, it can hardly be ignored.

Pakistan, says the Times, is upset over the Indo-American civilian nuclear deal as also big investments made by New Delhi in Afghanistan.

In this context, the paper makes special reference to the Iranian border road which, it says, would ultimately provide access to India to Iranian port of Chabahar, circumventing Pakistan.

Besides, India has offered training for Afghanistan's military, given assistance for a new Parliament building in Kabul and has re-opened consulates along the border with Pakistan, it adds.

The consulates, the Pakistanis allege, are used by India as cover to lend support to a long-running separatist movement in Baluchistan Province.

This map is the map that accompanies American military author Ralph Peters's article "Blood Borders" in the June 2006 issue of Armed Forces Journal, purporting to show a stabler greater Middle East with frontiers redrawn on ethnic/religious/political lines. I fail to see how this could produce a stable arrangement at all, what with the need to engage insimultaneous partitions of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey (!) that, one assumes, are entirely uncontroversial and uncomplicated by, say, multiple identities.

Tiny Revolution has called this map a "map of death." As a brief scan of the news suggests, that looks to actually be the case.
Tags: clash of ideologies, geopolitics, maps, middle east, pakistan

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