Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[PHOTO] Wallace Emerson Community Centre

The Wallace Emerson Community Centre is a nucleus for my neighbourhood, located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Dufferin and Dupont streets, just south of a McDonald's and the Galleria Shopping Centre. It's of note--to me, at least--for its interesting architecture, with an archway of concrete and wire bisecting the facility. My most notable photos are here, others are at my Flickr Page.

Welcome to the Wallace Emerson Community Centre (Dufferin Street entrance).
Originally uploaded by rfmcdpei

Heading north, the archways of the Centre become apparent.

Heading north, the archways of the Centre become apparent.

The archway from the side.
Originally uploaded by rfmcdpei

This is the terminal archway of the Wallace Emerson Community Centre, with the Centre's four sets of decorative tiles in the distance.
Originally uploaded by rfmcdpei
Tags: dovercourt village, photos, toronto

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