Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[LINK] "Trudeau's 'indelible imprint'"

Over at Xtra, Senator Laurier LaPierre has an article examining how, 40 years ago, gay sex was decriminalized in Canada.

[Justice Minister John] Turner argued that the Liberals' sweeping electoral victory in 1968 meant the proposed omnibus bill had already "been tested by public opinion and received a popular mandate."

He also maintained that "there is nothing in the bill which would condone homosexuality, promote it, endorse it, advertise it, popularize it in any way whatsoever."

"All it does is recognize what those of us who support the bill recognize: that there are areas of private behaviour which, however repugnant, however immoral — if they do not directly involve public order should not properly be within the criminal law of Canada," Turner told CBC Radio on Apr 20, 1969 as the bill continued to make its way through debates in the House.

"There are acts and situations in life which most of us would consider to be immoral that are not crimes," he said. "Adultery is one, yet it is not a crime. Fornication is immoral, I suppose to most of us, yet it is not a crime. These are matters for private judgment, private behaviour, private morals, and the criminal law says these are not our concern.

Of particular note is LaPierre's description of a prior effort to decriminalize gay sex and his portrayal of the reaction of different MPs to the law.
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