May 31st, 2002

More on me and desire

In my posting before last, I referenced Dan Savage and made a joke about bisexuality being a fetish. I suppose I should explain.

I'm attracted to the same types of people: Nice to look at, tending towards slim but up to normal, quite intelligent, somewhat nerdish. Looking back at crushes I realized and others I didn't, they were the same kinds of people.

I was attracted, though, to different areas of their bodies. I am, actually, even now, looking at eye candy; with women, it's breasts and legs; with guys, asses and chests; faces in common for both. Hence, the fetishes. Specialization would probably be a better term.

Anyway, Dan Savage's statement is quite sweeping. It's good for my bisexuality, definitely not for what other people possess. Personal tastes, as always, are crucial.
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One More Note

I'm listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, and it's great. I'll have to see the movie.

(I usually get soundtracks, of songs not classical music or instrumental or whatnot, before I see the movies. Compare Strange Days.)
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