June 2nd, 2002

The World Is Not Enough

Well. I've just come up from watching my VHS copy of The World Is Not Enough, and I quite liked it. Pierce Brosnan, as always, is good; Sophie Marceau played Elektra King quite well; Denise Richards was an unconvincing nuclear physicist, but I could forgive her that. It's interesting how the writers managed to take the geopolitical competition over Caspian Oil and give it an ... interesting orientation, never mind sex appeal. It might have been silly at times, but then all entertainment has the right to be. It got away with much less than the latest two installments of Star Wars, after all.

Pierce Brosnan is probably my favourite James Bond, right alongside Sean Connery. I liked him in Remington Steele, and I like him in the James Bond movies. Better than Timothy Dalton, at any rate.
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I see that I worded things badly. When I said I thought I'd coming out this coming Saturday, I meant, well, Saturday after this past one, the 8th.

Though lately, I'm giving consideration to Wednesday or Thursday evening--same advantages, plus I don't have work the next day.


(Oh, BTW: I've got Kate Bush' demo version of "Sexual Healing." Yes, despite the horrible recording category, it's wonderful.)