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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002
10:49p - Sundry Notes
Yesterday was Canada Day. I'm not particularly patriotic, although to be sure my Canadian identity can be some (partial) excuse. I'd planned just to stay at home; but then, the night before, I was talking over MSN with Mark, a cool guy from the gaypei list which I comoderate with Steve (thanks!), and we arranged to meet for dinner and a movie. The dinner was at Silver Stream, an excellent Chinese restaurant with a cool buffet; wonton soup is interesting. The movie in question was Scooby-Doo, more on which below.

It was fun. I had to go home early, at 8:30, because I told Mom so, and I was afraid (and right) that Dad was a bit weird about me going out for an evening with a gay guy. I won't classify this as friends meeting or a date because I don't know what it was, and frankly, I think that the difference is irrelevant. All I do think is that it was fun to be with Mark and I've missed out on a lot of things but not going to social occasions. I'll be spending another evening with him later, and another evening with Steve, and work on getting a social life. (Coming out sexually seems to have been a prerequisite for coming out socially.)

Scooby-Doo was fun. The mainstream movie reviewers condemned Scooby-Doo for being immature and unserious and whatnot. All that I can say is that Scooby-Doo isn't supposed to be a mature and serious movie, it is simply supposed to be fun, and that it certainly was. I really liked the entire movie, like The Phantom Menace; perhaps I am too unsophisticated, I don't pretend to know or to care. In the past, I have not gone out to too many movies; this is also going to change.

And, my travelling. Today, I confirmed my three plane tickets--Moncton-Toronto, Toronto-Dulles, LaGuardia-Moncton (via Montréal)--having confirmed that the Washington flight to meet Tom wasn't to BMI but to something close, and having changed Newark to LaGuardia for ease of travel. I expect to get my passport soon, in a week or two, along with my VISA card. I still have to buy the Amtrak ticket, which I'll do tomorrow, but I don't expect to find it too difficult. (Or am I wrong here?) So, the trip is going as planned.

And a final positive note. When I stopped by the Charlottetown Visitor Information Centre--a provincial operation to provide information on attractions and reservations to tourists, where I worked for three summers--I saw some of my old co-workers. They are all quite cool--it was a wonderful place to work, they remembered me. I was particularly happy when one coworker looked at me and said--I think honestly, she did do a doubletake--that she hadn't recognzied me from all the weight I'd lost, perhaps from my new care for my appearance.

It's nice to have that happen; it's somehow symbolic.

current mood: rejuvenated

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