July 12th, 2002

Lately ...

Things are going well for me right now, I believe. I've gotten the plane tickets, again--they sent my plane tickets with my name misspelled--and my flight from New York City to Moncton has been rescheduled nicely, allowing me a longer morning and all that. I'm still waiting for my passport, but it should come, too.

So, why am I down?

Part of it might be Mark. I think we're just friends--I'm not attracted to him romantically. I don't know about things from his perspective, though, which could be a problem.

Part of it might be my paucity of real-life friends as opposed to on-line friends. I find that a fair number of people know and respect me, but whether I can move beyond that to friendship is something else.

Part of it might be my concerns over the future: school, careers, relationships, family.

I'll go out biking; hopefully I'll feel better, or at least more coherent.
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    David Bowie, "Fame 90"