July 29th, 2002

Thoughts to Date

So. As I write this, it's 10:30 pm on a Monday evening. I'm waiting for some Chinese food to arrive from the Panda Garden. I've done the laundry, in accompaniment with Tom, bought some liquor at the liquor store (mainly for him and his boyfriend Derek; they're really cute together), developed my photos, and am generally relaxing in preparation for a movie. I'm feeling quite nice, and quite accomplished, and increasingly comfortable with myself.

Tom and Derek, incidentally, are an excellent couple. Quite cute together, quite mutually affectionate, photograph quite well, and are quite brave. At Busch Gardens day before last, Tom and Derek walked about holding hands. There was the occasional snide remark, and the surprised looks were wonderful--"Oh my goodness," and "Now I've seen everything" were my favourites. And then, when we bumped into two cute lesbian couples--oh, that man who whistled at them, only to have his girlfriend hit him, call him a pervert, and ask him what the fuck he was doing. Good times. :-)

And if this can happen in Virginia, why not PEI?