August 12th, 2002


Last night, I showed Mom and Dad my photos from my trip. I didn't hide anything; I described my visits to Church Street (Toronto's gay district), and I showed my pictures of Tom and Derek (livejournals fanboi82 and taine_kezim) to them. I'd hoped that I could at least spark a reaction from them.

But nothing. They haven't expressed a single one of their concerns, which must exist. I might have created some, too, when I mentioned I went for drinks with James at Wild Oscar's, say. But, still, nothing.

I'd like to create some kind of low-level confrontation, try to talk with them like an adult, but I'm not sure that they can do it. They have a great ability to avoid topics they're uncomfortable with, and I'm not sure what I could do.

An hour ago, Mom just told me that Dad thinks he's got a poor relationship with both of his children. Which is quite true; I mean, if I tell them that I'm bi and get no reaction from them, what point is there in me telling them anything?
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