September 6th, 2002


Last night, I delivered an ultimatum to my parents, separately. Briefly put, either they agree to family counselling, or they can forget about having any relationship with me once I go off to get my Master's degree. They accepted. Now I'll search for a suitable family counsellor. (Mom's now claiming that I'm depressed; I'm pointing out that if I was, it'd be because my parents were being so slow. Unfair to them, I know, but I don't particularly care at this interval.)

I've registered for a reading-instruction program, a type of thing that supposedly improves your reading skills. I'm not at all certain that I need this, but better safe than sorry. The first class is this Tuesday night coming.

I'm looking forward to my History minor. It shouldn't be too difficult to get my degree, particularly since I'm intimately familiar with most of the details anyway. It'll be nice to have; it'll certainly look good as I apply for grad school.

(And heh. I like the idea that I'm good enough to have admission secured for me aheadof time by my marks.)
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