September 9th, 2002


Let's begin with a truism:

Today was another day, nothing particularly special about it. Two classes--Canadian History 101 (today we talked about the pre-Columbian natives of Canada) and American History 391 (we talked about the economic changes of the 1890-1917 era). My notes got copied in, I bought my 101 textbook (I was going to use Michelle's but her teacher used a different text), and I basically goofed off all day.

The only thing of note that really happened today was my early-morning chat with Erin. I've known Erin since high school, but this was really the first time we'd talked at any length, and that mainly because she found my Livejournal. I was never in any doubt that she'd not be quite cool with it; anyone as extensively involved in the arts community as she is couldn't be homophobic, never mind the fact that I know her. I'd asked her if we could meet sometime Monday, and so we did.

It was a good chat. It was exceptionally nice to learn--this time from the perspective of a fellow student--that GLBT students in UPEI, including the English Department, don't have any problems at all. I'm afraid I might have upset her when I mentioned my worse paranoiac fears. Ah, if only I'd known this seven months earlier; but then, I don't think I was in any shape to communicate with other people about being bi, never mind absorb that fact. And GLBT life on PEI aside, it was good chatting; I've not done this enough, I should do more in the future.
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