September 11th, 2002

One Year Ago

A fellow correspondent of mine on an E-mail discussion list, a New York, posted this messages one year ago:

Date: Tue Sep 11, 2001 9:02 am
Subject: Breaking news

From the office, we can see the gaping hole in the facade of the world trade
center, and the smoke. The building just took a direct hit from a commuter

the bomb a few years ago is nothing in comparison to this.

Who needs terrorists when you have clumsy pilots? the damage is the sort of
thing you see in a war, nothing short of that.

Date: Tue Sep 11, 2001 9:20 am
Subject: Re: [futurists] Breaking news II

Well, it's worse.

Apparently a second plane, much larger, hit the other tower. My secretary
witnessed it. this is an astonishing coincidence, or NYC is under attack.

The FBI is investigating reports of a hijacking. We could well be at war with
somebody tomorrow.

There are undoubtedly massive casualties from the amount of damage.

Date: Tue Sep 11, 2001 10:57 am
Subject: breaking news 5.

Both towers gone. the city is in shock, everything is stopped.

I have a knot in my stomach. There is a set of plans on my desk for a new
facade for One Battery Park Plaza- I could have scheduled myself to do a site
visit there today, it's just a matter of luck. My secretary's husband works
nearby, and with the phones out in that area she has been unable to reach him.
I think his building is out of the danger area, but she is understandibly
frantic. Families throughout the area have undoubtedly lost members, some
10,000 people work in those buildings and there is no way they could have
gotten everybody out, beyond those who died in the initial impacts and
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I like targeted marketing

I'll quibble with the gay identification, but what the hell?


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