September 25th, 2002

As of late

(I'm just taking time out from my note-typing and chapter-reviewing for this and perhaps another post. So, bear with me.)

Well. Last weekend was a bit difficult, but I'm very happy to hear that things between fanboi82 and kaine_tezim weren't a tenth as apocalyptically horrific as they seemed to be on first hearing. It's good; Tom's a friend, and I quite liked Derek when I met him. (Thanks for letting me tag along, Derek!)

I've got a fairly substantial collection of mp3s, you know. Audiogalaxy was an excellent service, as I wrote earlier before it was forced to shift to a paid-subscriber model. It was much better than KaZaA was for rare and obscure tracks, you know, and faster given my slow dial-up connection. Anyway, I've got all of Garbage's B-sides up to the "Androgyny" single, and all of the Eurythmics' B-sides plus a few bootleg albums (Sweet Revenge), out-of-print albums (1984) and rarities (the demo "I Love You Like a Fool", the fan-club flexidisc song from 1988-9 "Success," a collaboration with Mick Jagger, a cover of a song by the Smiths, the Tourists' 1980 cover of "Ticket to Ride".) Several gigabytes, I suppose, plus tracks from other artists: Marcella Detroit, Shakespears' Sister, Mylène Farmer, assorted other rarities. I'll be sending a CD or two (or more) of some of these mp3s over to Derek; the very least I can do for his kindnesses on my visit.

Hmm. Would anyone else like some? I'll begin posting my playlists.

And in most Eurythmics-related news, it was reported on's Eurythmics mailing list that in 2003 the Eurythmics will release a double CD of unreleased tracks from the 1980's. Here's hoping.

::fingers crossed::

Buffy seems to be looking up. Season 6 was depressing; perhaps it was inevitable given the subject matter, perhaps leaden writing made it worse. Tara's death was sad; Evil Willow was kind of cool; the musical episode was great. Season 7's first episode looks to be rather good even by the standards of jaundiced fanboys.

And Tom found an interesting post on USENET, dating from 1981. Computers as ways for closeted nerds to express themselves without having to risk actual contact? Hits close to home, I fear.

As for life: It goes well. Actual hope for dating, actual hope for a wider social life, actual hope that I'll somehow manage to escape undergraduate studies for a Master's degree if I can only get off my duff ... I'm hopeful.