September 30th, 2002

A Test

I took the Meyers-Briggs test today. It's not a test in the strictest sense, of course; the counsellor was quite specific about that, since apparently the term "test" implies a competitiveness that really shouldn't be present. Rather, it's supposed to determine what career paths I might want to follow. This is important, since right now I'm uncertain what I want to do apart from getting my Master's degree in English. I look forward to discussing the results Friday.

(Oh. I should see if it conflicts with my appointment with Dr. Walker.)

I finished that essay on Progressivism as a fundamentally middle-class ideology of control at, oh, 10 am. It was only the rough draft, so I'm safe, I guess. I'll talk with Dr. Walker to see if I can bring in Eugen Weber (France as a comparable case) and Foucault (the state as an essentially regulatory body). It's out of place for this essay, but so what?
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