October 6th, 2002

A Moment

It was about 10:30 on the evening of the 4th of August. The next morning, I'd leave Kew Gardens for LaGuardia and (ultimately) home, but that evening I'd spent time with my cousin Derrick, a not inconsiderable scholar who has managed to do quite well at Columbia and who has been a significant influence on my own life. Derrick showed me around the campus of Columbia University, then we went for supper at a Mexican restaurant and then, afterwards, to Saints, on the northwestern corner of 109th Street and Amsterdam.

I'd been to Wild Oscar's and Woody's in Toronto, but Saints was different: smaller, much more of a neighbourhood bar. Charlottetown's not good for bars of any kind, unfortunately, save for lounge-style bars like 42nd Street, and Derrick and I had a nice long chat over a few beers, and then we went our separate ways--Derrick back to his apartment, me back (eventually) to Jonathan and Naomi's. I descended into the 110th Street station, only to be caught up by the ticket-dispensing machine and left to enter the station proper just as the subway train left south.

I was mildly drunk, I admit it; perhaps I was really drunk, I'm not sure, since I've no grounds for comparison with myself or with other people. I simply stayed on the station platform and felt quite proud of myself for coming so far, literally and metaphorically. And then, as the time approached for the next subway down to Penn Station, other people began to descend to the platform. 110th Street is near Columbia University, so of course plenty of youth, attractive people of both sexes populated the area around me. I felt like I was in quite a nice environment.

(Afterwards I went to Tower Records on 66th Street and bought $AM120 worth of CDs and videos, and got back to Kew Gardens exactly at midnight.)

It was just a wonderful moment, something deserving electronic preservative.
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