October 21st, 2002


Things have been going quite well on soc.history.what-if, which is quite nice since it's really an oddly yet happily post-modern intellectual home for me. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, and I feel rather relieved for having mde the statement. And if I get to help someone down the line, that's great, too.

I got a fair bit accomplished today. I talked to Dr. Innes-Parker about the Atlantic Undergraduate English Student's conference, to be held in Newfoundland (St. John's?) this coming March; I've got until the first week of January to pick a paper for presentation. I met with Dr. Elgharib at Student Services to discuss the results of my Meyers-Briggs test further, and was introduced to the various on-line databases; that went well. I've decided to begin going to the gym, on a three-times-a-week program that will fit quite well into my morning schedule; I want to be more fit, and I want to have more energy.

In short, things seem to be proceeding quite nicely