November 5th, 2002

Today's Achievements

  • I got all of my notes typed in, and I printed off and otherwise downloaded the various reading questions and essay assignments for my British and American history courses.

  • I finished the drafts for my letter to Mom. I'll present it to her Wednesday morning, give her time to think about it, And thanks, Tom and Erin, for your feedback! I like friends.

  • I had an excellent workout this afternoon. I felt more energized in the afternoon, in fact, than after my usual early morning exercises. Perhaps I should change my patterns, at least on Monday and Friday when I don't work in the afternoon?

  • I met Allan in the evening, back from his trip to visit Christine in London. He had a good trip, and--best of all--he brought back the Sunday edition of the Times for me. (Christine's payment for the Garbage B-side CDs I sent over, and thanks; I've got the Garbage videos all downloaded.

  • I got three more books from, incidentally--including the Quarterlife Crisis. I'll let you know how I find it, Mike and Jordan.

  • I watched the latest Buffy episode, "Him." It's fun, true high school Buffy from the second or third seasons--it reminded me of "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" for several reasons quite apart from the plot. It's fun, too, to see all of the women of Buffy (Willow included) going after the same guy. Ah, the mayhem they got up to ...

And now, Mylène:

"Sex appeal, c'est Sunset
C'est Marlboro qui me sourit
Mon amour, mon moi, je
Sais qu'il existe
La chaleur de l'abandon
C'est comme une symphonie"

Yes, Jordan, I want to go to California.
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Googlism for: randy mcdonald

randy mcdonald is a student at the university of prince edward island
randy mcdonald is founder and president of magnum marketing
randy mcdonald is a 23
randy mcdonald is the man on the bass
randy mcdonald is planning a career milestone
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The Morning

I had a decent enough morning: I prepared briefs on the last few universities I'm considering for grad school, I talked to Dr. Furlong for a nice half-hour about events on Buffy and Angel (my favourite lines from "Him":

ANYA: "I'd kill for him!"

WILLOW: "You'd kill for a chocolate bar!")

and incidentally got the name of a contact at Memorial, Dr. Furlong's alma mater. (Valerie Legge, incidentally. Memorial has a geography department,
which tails neatly with my Honours thesis' topic, which reminds me that I really need to write some more on it ...)

More later.
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