November 15th, 2002

The Day Past

  • I talked to Dr. MacLaine. Yesterday (Tuesday) I had the great luck to recruit Dr. Satadal Dasgupta, head of the Sociology-Anthropology Department at UPEI, as my extra-departmental reader for my Honours thesis. (You need three readers: your faculty advisor, someone else from the English department, someone from outside the English department. I talked to Dr. Dasgupta because I felt that the core/periphery theory could use the attention of a social scientist.) Not only did Dr. Maclaine approve this choice, he was quite happy since they get along well, apparently on a first-name basis.

  • My class--British History--went well. I got my original essay proposal back--8 out of 10. Some things needing improvement, but fortunately my revised version--the one I posted here--took it into account. Which means, of course, that I really have to get cracking on writing all three essays. Oh, and grad school. (More below.)

  • I had set up a meeting with Dr. Jane Magrath for 2:30 PM. For those of you who don't know the faculty of the English Department, Dr. Magrath is a woman in her 30's who is one of the most intellectually formidable professors I've had the chance to get to know. I'd asked her some questions about the upcoming Atlantic Undergraduate English Conference--yes, a short version of a paper I'd prepared on Glassco and Memoirs of Montparnasse, the one edited down to fit into a class essay collection, would be the best version to submit--and then I'd asked her appraisal of my strengths and weaknesses. She's approves of my good writing style and my broad intellectual knowledge; she only has trouble with my presentation skills and my ability to think on my feet, which are a bit awkward but something which can be improved.

  • I went to the Honours English gathering at The Wave--the UPEI student bar--at 4 o'clock and had a great time. Turn-out was relatively low, but then the gathering was announced only over E-mail, with no posters or the like. I've also noticed that in E-mail lists, only a third or less of the membership actually responds--could this be the reason for low turnout? Irregardless, I'd a great time talking with some of my fellow students, eating bar food (onion rings for me, mainly) and drinking beer (Sleeman's golden brown, I think); it actually was painless. Quite fun, too, especially since it seemed to work out. I left The Wave at ~6:30 with Joel, a guy I knew from Creative Writing III, each of his drunk walking to the computer lab to type away until we actually became sober.

  • Dad asked me what I'd done, and, whether because I'm becoming more assertive or whether because I was still buzzed or both, I told him that I'd no intention of teling him anything about my activities, since he's never been supportive of them (though, to be fair, I also told him, he's never been as hateful as Mom). Hopefully he's thinking about that.

  • I was going to go bowling with the GLBT society--actually the Atlantic Veterinary College GLBT society, but then our schools and societies are linked--tonight. I'd eventually decided not too, if only because I was much too tired to go, plus I wanted to watch "Once More, With Feeling." Wonderful Buffy episode, that.

So, a good day.


Last night, while I was drunk, I bought two comic books--Martha Washington Goes to War, and Martha Washington Saves the World--on I remembered seeing them when they first came out in the early 1990's, and someone left copies of the first three issues in Martha Washington Goes to War and the entire Martha Washington Saves the World up in the Political Science lounge.

Besides, there's something cool about a world where the beautiful female clones who staff an orbiting laser-weapons platform refuse a direct order from the acting President on the grounds that they've sworn their loyalty to the First Sex Confederacy.

I got Lois McNay's introduction to Foucault earlier in the week in the mail, and Victor Milán's The Cybernetic Shogun yesterday.

I think I'll stop buying from Amazon. I'm happy.


I went tonight to the Duffy Amphitheatre on campus, to see the UPEI Theatre Society's three one-act plays. Two--the first "Postponing the Heat Death of the Universe," the last "Interiors" were adaptations of off-Island plays to Island circumstances; the second, "Poets," was an original play performed by (among other supporting characters, including a very funny Joey Weale as professor) the two authors. I had a good time watching them.


I was in the audience, and there was a time when I wanted not only to take part in those plays, but to write them. I still want to. But I'm not.

God, I feel so fucking lazy. And unaccomplished. And like I'm slowly pissing my life away and no one notices or cares. And like I'm doomed to always be in the audience, everywhere, and that I just can't fucking connect.

Andrew, is there any chance of me being welcome in the Theatre Society?
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