November 18th, 2002


I've bought some more books on Amazon, via ZShops, some 2300AD materials: some adventure sourcebooks, the Colonial Atlas and Earth/Cyberpunk books. It's just good, and it distracted me from poor Lady.

Momento Mori

At a bit after 10 AM this morning, the vets put Lady to sleep. She didn't have long to live, only an hour at the minimum. This morning, she was so weak, and hot--death was a mercy for her.

The family's quite broken up, of course. We're only realizing now how much of a presence she was. At least I saved some clippings of her hair. There's talk of burying her come Sunday either in the back yard or in Uncle Edwin's yard up east--she used to love the countryside there.

I'll have to borrow Henryk Górecki from the Library; his music was good in William Orbit's treatment ("Piece in the Old Style 1" and "Piece in the Old Style 3") on his Pieces in a Modern Style. It was quite soothing in the car.
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