November 20th, 2002

Things I miss about Lady

  • Coming home from L.M. Montgomery Elementary school one March day in 1990 after being told I had a surprise gift at home. I thought it'd be a 5-1/2 inch disk drive for my Commodore 64, not Lady.

  • Walking in the next subdivision and hearing Lady barking from that distance.

  • Running after Lady whenever she broke her lease.

  • Holding Lady back from whoever was waiting just outside the door with my leg, and telling the visitor, "Don't worry, she doesn't bite, she's just friendly."

  • Lady rubbing up against my leg at the dinner table, waiting for me to drop food.

  • Taking Lady to the beach on the North Shore and watching her frolic in the water, being careful not to get in water above her head.

  • Her liquid brown eyes and fox-like muzzle.

I miss her, but at least she's not suffering. God, Monday morning was horrible.
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    Buffy, "Sacrifice" (from "The Gift")