November 21st, 2002


Yesterday really sucked until about 7 pm. I'd learned I had to submit my folder of notes and commentaries and whatnot for my American history course Friday, along with my term paper on privateering in the Maritime provinces during the War of American Independence and my presentation on eugenics and feminism in early 20th century Canada. Work sucked, since I had to help people who had no idea how to use their computers properly (not that it would have helped, since the computers weren't working anyway) and I think I really don't like one of my supervisors at work. And then, I saw Shawn Morrison at work.

He and his brother Craig were perhaps my two best friends in junior high (Birchwood, French immersion) and although we drifted apart when we went to separate high schools we still got along well.

I wonder how my life would have been different if we went to the same high school.

Today, well, I did my 45 minutes of biking followed by an undetermined length of time in the sauna, went to class, printed off my notes--and now find myself facing all kinds of other work to do. Ah, life.


The History 101 paper is shaping up quite nicely for submission tomorrow, and I'm thankful I've finished falsifying the journal entries in that damned folder for History 391. So: Just have Foucault/mid-19th century British health care for History 261 and New Deal as conservative for History 391.

I think, when I get the time, I'll upload some of my better papers to my website. (Which, incidentally, now has a guestbook.)

Oh, and Satadal Dasgupta--head of the Sociology-Anthropology Department here at UPEI, and my extra-English Department third reader for my Honours essay--wrote back that he liked my project.

Things are good.