November 22nd, 2002

Abstract, for HIST 101 Paper submitted today

"One of the causes of the War of American Independence were the continuing disputes between British imperial authorities and North American colonists over British North America’s new frontiers, acquired from France after the Seven Years War, including the territory of Nova Scotia, old Acadia. In each of these distinctive frontier areas, American radicals–drawing from their ideology of popular representation–sought to convince local elites to side with the revolutionaries, and in so doing, legitimate the absorption of these frontiers into the emerging American nation-state. However, the American radicals failed in many of these regions, particularly in the colony of Nova Scotia, where the radicals could theoretically have had more success owing to Nova Scotians’ intimate and continuing trade and migration links with New England. These potential Nova Scotian sympathies towards the Thirteen Colonies-and of Nova Scotia’s mercantile elites–were squandered as a result of American military attacks, most notably by American privateering off of the Nova Scotian coast. This privateering disrupted the trade with points elsewhere in the British Empire that sustained Atlantic Canadian communities at a very high cost in financial and human suffering. In the end, it may have been the American rebellion with its privateering raids which permanently detached Nova Scotia politically–if not economically or culturally–from its New England partners."
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Hmm ...

The gym went well enough--a half-hour on the stationary bike, another hour of exercises. I do feel energized afterwards, and my endurance is building quite nicely. Too, I think that I might have, beneath a carapace of extraneous fat, some muscles that might potentially be a six-pack, given another 10-15 pounds of weight loss and continuing exercise. This is a charge.

I submitted my HIST 101 essay, and did the article explanation, on Canadian first-wave feminism and its unfortunate sympathy for racism and even eugenics. I was treating it like a seminar presentation, which it definitely wasn't, so I think that I may have overwhelmed the first-years. I don't care, though--I need to develop a bit of an ego, and pride in intellectual accomplishments isn't a problem.

Oh, I'm going out with Erin and some other friends, to eat Mexican food at Pat & Willy's and then go see the new Harry Potter film. So, it promises to be good.